Alexandra Rosser, who goes by Sasha, is a data scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison focused on natural language processing, surgical education, and outcomes research. She received her BS in neuroscience from George Mason University in 2011, is an alumnus of NIH’s Postbaccalaureate IRTA Fellowship program, and has done research in computational physics, neuroeconomics, neurogenetic bioinformatics, and learning science.

In her free time, Sasha produces electronic music under the pseudonym exandroid and draws creepy pictures. Sometimes, she guest-lectures at colleges on subjects such as neuroscience and science writing and has been known to drive around with human brains in her trunk, which she shows to children in the name of scientific literacy.

Sasha also regularly embarrasses herself in public by hosting the Red Rock Open Mic, improvising piano, telling jokes, and producing comedy shows.